Coffee braided cord 5mm 100m

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Braided cotton cord 5mm 100m coffee-coloured coloured


The OUTLET cord is a 100m long, 5mm thick cotton cord with a cotton core.
It is offered in the outlet because it is in pieces tied with knots (from 2 to 5 pieces of different length), may have minor abrasions, protruding threads, looser weave.

It is perfect for making poufs, baskets, rugs and other handmade decorations. The cord is very durable as it is made of top quality cotton.

It is a fully certified product awarded the
STANDARD 100 certificate in class I by OEKO-TEX, 
which means that it is safe and can even be used in products for babies and children under the age of 3.

We always include a nice gift in the package :)

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