9mm thick braided cords Length: 100m

Cords divided into shorter pieces (connected by knots). Quantity from 2 to a maximum of 5 pieces.

What can you make from 9mm thick cord?

Perfect for larger designs. The best for weaving macrame wall hanging, bags, making key chains, eco-friendly bags, baggy backpacks. You can use it to make home decor items: a blanket, a couch bedspread, a mug coaster a pillowcase, a cat or dog bed, a desk basket and much more. You can also use the eco-friendly 9mm cotton cord to make stunning jewellery, a macrame flower pot cover and other designs for which you need a thick cord.

Why do we have the best cords?

We are OEKO-TEX certified - all products are free of toxic chemicals uncolored - safe for children and pets. Approved for skin contact. It is a product manufactured in Poland. Best quality at a low price. Thick cord is the easiest to work with, durable and does not change its form while working. A large range of colors. We make sure that not a piece of cotton cord is wasted. Our cords are versatile: you can use them for weaving, knitting or crocheting and finger weaving. They have a polyester core inside, which makes them more rigid.

Braided cords cannot be combed out.

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