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5mm thick braided cords Length: 100m

Cords divided into shorter pieces (connected by knots). Quantity from 2 to a maximum of 5 pieces.

What can you make from 5mm thick cord?

Perfect for making delicate macrame wall hanging, for weaving purses, for key chains, eco-friendly bags, baggy backpacks. You can use it to make home decor items with it: a window curtain, a blanket, a bedspread, a mug coaster, a pillowcase and much more. With the 5mm thick cotton cotton you can also make stunning jewelry, a pot cover, a dog or cat bed, decorations for jars or candles, and you can also use them for all sorts of DIY designs.

Braided 5mm cords are most often chosen by beginners due to the fact that they do not untangle, they maintain their weave and it is easy to correct something in your design.

Why choose our cords?

They are safe for children under the age of 3, as confirmed by the OEKO-TEX certificate for each product. They are not dyed, we obtain colors mechanically, thus reducing water consumption. We produce cords in Poland thanks to which we reduce CO2 emissions, and you support the Polish economy by buying our cords. Incomparable quality of our products. They are pleasant to the touch, very durable, non-stretchy and easy to work with. A large range of colors. We do not waste cords. We use every piece. Our cords are versatile: suitable for weaving with fingers and with tools such as crochet, knitting needles or loom. Guaranteed attractive price.

Braided cords are not suitable for combing out.

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